Why Ledge Wealth


Ledge Wealth helps build, protect, and distribute wealth. We will help you identify meaningful goals that reflect your values while working hands-on with you to develop a financial strategy that makes sense for you and your family. While not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom – and with services and resources on par with large institutional firms – our energy, commitment, and efforts are focused on you; the client.

Every aspect of our culture is built on a foundation of trust. Simply put, aligning with your best interests is in our best interest in every situation and in every way. We will recommend the investment of your dollars as if they are our own.

What we do, and the conversations we have with you, involves so much more than money alone. We talk about your life, dreams, and passions. More of a calling, we strive to uncover what you truly value, and then we map out a financial plan to realize those goals. More simply, we care for you, and we invest the time to get to know you on a genuine, personal level.

Schedule a Consultation

Establish an engagement plan: We start and end with your interests in mind.

 We thoroughly review your income. Accounts. Investments. Personal Property. Business. Debt. Everything.

Develop your financial plan:
 Once we know where you are, we consider your options and recommend individual strategies to get you where you want to be.

 Activate the plan.

Monitor and adjust: We personally review your plan and meet with you on a regular basis understanding that circumstances change.