We exist for one reason, to help others.

Thank you for pausing and getting to know our firm a little better.  We exist for one reason, to help others.  Many of our clients are successful in their own right.  A common thread among the most successful people we’ve met, whether measured by money, time or rewarding relationships and personal growth, is all of them build teams of people around them to help.

Our role is often thought of like a personal CFO.  A person or family who hires Ledge Wealth is looking for unbiased opinions on financial matters, independent thought brought to their investable net worth, guidance and long-range planning and so much more.

We seek to develop the trust required to become their go-to resource for everything financial and then some.

Over many years, we have seen our approach of limiting our client/advisor ratio and dedication to quick, responsive service pay off. We remain committed to this boutique firm feel while offering the investment solutions and advice on par with the largest financial institutions in the world. The idea that you can depend on your advisor to deliver objective, independent advice should be a given.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case in our industry.  Proprietary products and incentives to “sell” lead to decisions that often put the advisor or the company before the client.  Putting our clients’ interests first always is one of our most coveted guiding principles.  Our clients see and feel this time and time again. We spend considerable effort coordinating the big picture for them, connecting our clients with a team of experts that we trust in all the major areas of finance – investments, risk protection, tax and legal. We can pull it all together.

My personal hope in building this firm goes way beyond income and a career.  It has to do with leaving an impact.  Adding value in our office means finding ways to help our clients sleep better at night knowing that things are taken care of.  It means delivering results way beyond investment performance.  It is the sense that we are sitting with them, side by side, helping define and achieve their goals and give them back precious time.

It is my hope that if you’ve landed here, you are finding something you are looking for.  A different attitude towards what it means to truly manage wealth.  A sense of obligation and a theme of genuine care for the people we serve.  Ledge Wealth is already different, blazing a path of our own in an industry that needs change.  We are just getting started.  To serve is a noble profession.  We love what we do and believe we make a real difference.  Enjoy the rest of our website.  Please let us know if there are questions we can answer if you are looking for a new way to build your legacy.  It’s so much more than money – it’s your story.  Strive to put the right characters in place to assure it progresses in a purposeful and meaningful way.

Kurt Durrwachter, CFP®, CRPS®
Founder and CEO