Employer Retirement Plan


Ledge Wealth understands the responsibility that comes with establishing and maintaining retirement plans. Today’s retirement landscape has become increasing complex. Our fiduciary and investment consulting services provide employers with the confidence to meet their fiduciary responsibilities and maintain competitive retirement programs.

We assist in all phases of employer retirement planning from initial plan design to a fiduciary assessment of your current plan.

Under ERISA statutes, plan sponsors and many of the employees involved in decision making with the plan’s operations and investments assume the legal responsibilities of a plan fiduciary. A plan’s fiduciaries will ordinarily include the trustee, investment advisers, all individuals exercising discretion in the administration of the plan, all members of a plan’s administrative or investment committee (if it has such committees), and those who select committee members.

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Our Employer Retirement Plan Services​ include:

• Investment Research & Monitoring
• Fiduciary Education
• Investment Policy Statement Creation
• Employee Education
• Fee Benchmarking
• Vendor Search

We work with employers and plan fiduciaries to create a systematic process of review and documentation. We help them mitigate risk and ensure their programs are efficiently priced, meet the needs of all employees and have competitive investment options.